Mystery Resolved

OK it's been a difficult week dealing with my slip issues
but I have finally resolved it.
These are the supposedly two same piles of
Hyplas 71 Ball clay.
the one on the left is what it should be like
and the one on the right is the rouge batch.
I was so unhappy with it I decided to go to CTM supplies with a small
sample of the rouge batch.
Their stock matched  what it should be like that's the one on the left
so I bought 30KG. 

This is the difference when bisc fired.
I took it back and made up some new batches. 
The big top pot is the wrong batch
it should look like the smaller one. 
I got into a bit of a mess making up my new batches and
throwing away the old ones. it took me all afternoon to sort this
and I was getting more wound up as the day went on.
So I decided to take a picture of the batch codes on the bags
and email them to Imrys the maker. 
it was at this point I noticed the rouge batch was not actually Hyplas Ball clay
it was a different ball clay all together HYMOD!
No wonder it was a different colour.
in fact the reason I had not noticed was that Bath Potters
had put the paper sack in a plastic bag, whilst trying to be helpful!
but had put in the wrong ball clay.


Anna M. Branner said…
How aggravating. BUT at least you have found the answer and you have resolved the issue. What a headache. Have a pint....or 2?
Anonymous said…
Doh! Glad you got it sorted though.
Ron said…
Yes, glad you got that worked out, but sorry it took so much effort.
cookingwithgas said…
AH-HA! The light blub goes off and they are there just to make you CrAzY!

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