Friday, 7 October 2011

Harvest Festival Time 2011

Sunday was the last day of
Somerset Art Weeks.
I had the feeling it wasn't as good as previous events
But I've sat down since and done the sums.
Last year over the two week event we sold 104 pots
this year we sold 124.
but the sales value was only 4% up.
Having been a contracts manager for 20 odd years
you never get away from analysing figures and working out
where you are compared to last year.
We sold more pots but they were all lower value items.
Overall we are doing very well this year
despite the doom and gloom merchants on the telly,
I feel as if I'm living in a parallel universe.
These pots came out of the kiln on Monday
to replenish some of the stock.
Last Saturday was Ilminster carnival,
the weather was great.
what was nice was that we both got a cheese burger and chips and
sat in a shop doorway eating them, while people who were sat
in a swanky restaurant on the first floor looked down
at us with envy as they waited for their meal. 
 The floats were amazing this year.
 These guys were on stilts.
 The streets were packed and the floats lit up the whole street.
 afterwards we popped up to our mates in the
Duke of York Pub
Ron & Sarah Philbeck
 had a meal in here when they came over
a couple of years ago.
They had a band on and it was a bit of a do. 
I didn't ask this chap how he got these bunny ears
but there were plenty of ladies around boogieing to the band. 
This is my harvest jug for 2011
with script taken from a Michael Cardew Jug.
This week seems to have flown bye.
I had to take the afternoon out on Wednesday
and I went to bed for 3 hours I was just exhausted.
But I feel great again now.


gz said...

looks like a good carnival. I like the Dragons!!

I've noticed smaller things selling- but you also need the bigger things to set them off dreaming, then they buy the smaller things instead of nothing.

Hollis Engley said...

You might think about wearing the bunny ears to boost sales of higher-priced items, Paul. You never know what will raise the customers' interest.
I love the carnival photos.

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