Monday, 24 October 2011

Pain you can't take tablets for!

Before I start on this blog
Note to self
"Don't take life to seriously, Know one gets out alive."
I was given these Shoji Hamada
comedy Glasses last week.
what was worrying was I could see great in them!
I had the Flu for most of the past week
so I was off on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
I went back in the workshop on Thursday, but was too rough to make pots
so I did loads of computer stuff.
and these signs for the showroom. 
 I've noticed that some customers, seem to have no idea
and need telling what it is I'm making and why,
But you don't always get the chance to,
so I've spelt it out for them.
 Yes no Imported stuff
I realise that these aren't the best ten reasons at all
so any help on this would be appreciated
and I'll change this bit and post it up. 
and these are my winter open times. 
We now have gift voucher cards
all printed up nice and smart. 
So I've been working on this as well. 
The rest of the time I have spent loading up new pics and
info for a new look web site, that will have it's own
add to basket section,
I've re written all the about stuff, terms & conditions
descriptions of each pot etc, etc
Only to have Sam ( my web guy )
tell me he's changed the cart to a new updated version
and all my work has been lost.
to be fair to Sam he did send me an email
that said
OH, No!


Ron said...

Love the glasses!
Two more reasons:
Fun to select what dishes you'll use at mealtime.
Makes your food look great.

cookingwithgas said...

you do need those glasses!
And buying pottery is just the right thing to do.
It is also fat and gluten free.
and no bunnies were harmed in the making of these....

Hollis Engley said...

All you need now is a mompei and one of those stick-driven wheels.

Paul Jessop said...

Great one's ron I'll use those, I love the gluten free bit as well.

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