Monday, 14 November 2011

Making, Making, Making.

Things are happening here at Barrington Pottery
The only way I am going to keep up
Is just to keep making.
as the kiln cools down
I am drying Pancheons on the lid. 
This is the top shelf.

and under the top shelf this shows how versatile these
top loading kilns can be. 
I finally plucked up the courage to slip this very large Pancheon
The biggest one I've ever made.
and today it's been sat drying on the wheel next to me
and it's felt like having a friend sat there. I was thinking that that's a weird
thing to say. But I remembered that some of Doug's big pots
look like people stood in the workshop. 

I've made 100 ramekins in the last two days. 
and I've been looking at a way to fit more pancheons in the kiln
this is a trial
I have one on the floor of the kiln along with 5 jugs
and four Ramekins.
and one under the lipped bowls,
The trial bit is glaze firing these two on their sides. 
and it seems to have worked.
I'm going to be making some pan rings for the new year. 
and I've just started  to decorate the showroom
for the Christmas visitors.


laura weant johnson said...

your pots are beautiful! do you sell online anywhere?

Lori Buff said...

Tis the season.

Susan said...

Beautiful, beautiful pots.

And there was I congratulating myself on making over 200 buttons in 2 days, and you've made 100 ramekins!

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Laura, I hope the next post will answer your question.

Thanks Susan, love your stuff on etsy.

laura weant johnson said...

hey paul, it's like you're reading my mind!! love the new website!

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