Sunday, 19 February 2012

Taking Time to Chill out a bit.

These are some random shots downloaded from my Phone
It shows that I have made some pots.
I liked this jug cut in half, I had damaged the lip so cut it to check
how even it was.
It looks like an Easter egg. 
 a close up of some of the time consuming work that's been going on.
 I've had some issues with pots cracking and slip flaking off rims of pots
when they come out of the glaze firing.
I'm thinking the workshop having Ice on the inside has affected the pots
can anyone confirm this?
I know dammed well the pots were not to dry when I slipped them.
 I have taken time out this weekend to give myself a break
including a trip to the coast at Budleigh Salterton
That blew a few cobwebs away I can tell you.
 This was the local museum.
 I wanted to show you this,
 this is a small water steam on my walk to the workshop
that has a bit of old iron fencing laid in it and it's leeching 
out Iron.
I'm tempted to try and collect a bit and see if I could use it.
That do you think 
Good Idea or just daft ?
 Thanks for the comments on the last post.
Having a bit of a break means I'm full of drive for Monday.
Look out for more pots next week.


Thistle Bee Pottery said...

Some great innovations have blossomed from many a daft idea so have a go.

Tracey Broome said...

heck yeah, I would be scooping up that iron in a flash! What will it hurt?! Lovely shots of your cobweb clearing:)

cookingwithgas said...

Good idea to chill- I love a good chill day. Then when you do get back to work the mind is more ready.

gz said...

When pots freeze it does affect the structure, so firing them can be a risk even if they have thawed and dried out properly

Lori Buff said...

Ditto what gz wrote. Can you keep the studio above freezing in the winter? Or at least keep the pots away from the window.

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Lori, I think keeping them away from the window is a bit of advise that I will take, it seems so simple now you've said it. My main rack for fresh pots is right by the window.
as for the Iron I looked at it again today and thought oh shit how am i going to get that out!!!

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