Now I know what busy means!

Just a quick blog, as I have realised I have been neglecting
my blogging duties this week.
Things seem to have changed here this month.
and I'm not sure how I'm going to keep up with everything.

A new Tonne of clay arrived last week, and I'm already getting into it.
Here is a cheeky shot for you.
Four live simply bowls all ordered waiting to be turned.
I'm very busy at the moment, so it's nice to have Caddy around 
to put it all into perspective for me.
with his "Don't worry be Nappy" attitude!
I've had the Pajero fixed , but it keeps failing to start in the mornings,
so walking to work is still a viable option.
I made more of these Devon style jugs for the showroom.
Harvest jugs and casseroles on order.
This was ordered and so will be made again, the crack goes right through.
I re fired this jug but it still has bubbles, so i'm making another one.
but I'm going to try and rub it down with a rubbing block
and re fire it yet again.
and I found this little chap on the path outside the workshop
this morning.
great to see the fantastic colors of nature.
We have some great New news that I should be able to share with you
towards the end of April
That's going to keep me very busy .
so make sure you look out for that
over the next month.


Cat's Ceramics said…
You have been busy! I can't wait to hear your news....that is a tease ;)
Anna M. Branner said…
Does Chappy poke you with his nose while your are throwing? My Layla does. OFTEN. Had to block her way into my part of the studio!
Ron said…
Good to see all the action there Paul. Keep up the good work. Love seeing Caddy there. I love his motto. As I write this I am sitting on the porch, Karma keeps bringing me her ball to throw. Her motto is Run, Run, Run. She's a happy go lucky. Look forward to hearing your news. Have a great weekend and Hi to Marion.

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