Friday, 9 March 2012

A Question about Glazes

Your not going to thank me for these pictures.
But I do need to ask a question.
My clear glaze seems to have started creating bubbles
when it's in the bucket.
 I've tried to take some close up shots
but it's a bit like
taking a picture of a cat called snowy in the snow.
 It is irritating to say the least
as it's transfering onto the pots, and I'm having to rub the pots down.
 Is there something I can add to stop this?
 I've scooped off some of the bubbles and put them in this small dish
to try and give you a better view.

The help on the last post about the elements was great
and I'm hoping you can help me out again.


gz said...

I've never had that before-could it be to do with the vegetable matter in the ball clay, especially if you use"black ball clay"

Lori Buff said...

Try spraying a little rubbing alcohol into the glaze, it often settles it down and evaporates before you ever get the pieces into the kiln.

Hannah said...

Heck Paul I can't imagine you wasting alcohol by spraying it into your glaze!
No idea, sorry.

Hollis Engley said...

I have no f-ing idea ... sorry. But good luck with it.

Anonymous said...

Something might be growing in your glaze bucket (like yeast makes bubbles of carbon dioxide in brewing or bread making)? I hope you can solve the mystery!

Stefan Andersson said...

If it is alive, so to speak, perhaps you can use a conservative made for jams et cetera. In sweden one is called Atamon.

Paul Jessop said...

Thanks for these suggestions I'm quite sure my glaze is alive, I'll make up a new batch in a new bucket and see if that sorts it out. either that or try and train the glaze to paint it's self on the pots, glazing is my least favorite aspect of pottery. As for the alcohol, your right Hannah, That's the last thing I'd do with it.

Ron said...

I'm no help probably. If you use it and then fire the pots do the places with the bubbles still show up?

Paul Jessop said...

Ron, I rub the bubbles down on the pot before firing, and they seem to dissapear. it's just pain.

LindaB said...

After you stir the glaze try pushing all the surface bubbles to the edge and use the bubble-free area in the centre for dipping pots. They should disappear when you fire the glaze anyway, even if you don't rub them down.

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