Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Barrington Pottery, Making Stock and Orders.

It's not quite 
"which came first the chicken or the egg?"
But I'm trying to juggle making orders and stock.
These wassail cups are for stock in the showroom.
 These large dishes are the basis of a possible order
These are a trial to see what they look like.
 They are about 16" wide, and I'm not sure my clay will take the size
 without cracking. So I decided to add some grog
I bought a 25KG sack from Bath potters
and I've wedged in about 10%.
 It feels good to work with and I'm hoping it will strengthen the pots
both in the making and firing.
 The handle detail is to try and keep the handles as small as possible
to save room in the oven,
but also to make them harder to break.
Practical considerations are always high on my list of priorities.
 I have two of these Live simply bowls on order so I've made four
so now I have some in stock.
 This is the second attempt at this harvest jug
and this time the glaze has not bubbled.
 I have one of these on order so I made two
slightly different ones so the lady can choose which one she wants
when she calls in.
can you see a trend building here.
get one on order make a few more.
 It's a way of trying to keep up & I even made some small blue bowls
some people like them.
 and these boxes are orders packed up
some to be posted, some to be collected
and some to be delivered.
and these 10 jugs were to be stock
but will now be on their way to Berlin
at the end of the week, together with 10 smaller jugs.
I posted a tweet last week that just said 
" I'm loving being a potter today"
I am loving it and I still pinch myself from time to time
because I can't believe how lucky I have been.
I still can't tell you two great bits of news
But one is going to make me even busier
and the other is going to make me even happier.
All will be revealed towards the end of the month.
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Tracey Broome said...

If anyone should doubt that hard work and consistency pays off, you are the proof that it does!

Cat's Ceramics said...

Can't wait to here your news...I wonder what it could be....;)
And you are right it's the best job ever! x

gz said...

Could be that the grog will improve how the dishes perform when cooking too

angela walford said...

cranking along paul!!! it looks so good having pots to put in the showroom and having others all ready packed up to go to their new homes :)) all busy on the barrington front then... cant wait to hear all the good news!

Ron said...

What's this news then?!!! Can't wait to hear. Esp. the one that's going to make you happier. Humm...
Pots look super great Paul. Glad to hear about the orders and so nice to see pots ready to go out. You are the Man!!!

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