Monday, 23 July 2012

Inspiration from an unusual source!

Yesterday I found myself gaining inspiration from an unusual
source, for a Potter that is!
Bradley Wiggins pictured below Won the Tour De France
one of the most grueling and hardest
sporting events in the world.
 When I got home from the workshop
I switched on the television and watched the news reports.
They talked about how, Team Sky had a five year plan to win
the Tour de France. But they actually did it in Three.
The team Manager was explaining that on the first attempt 
they came around 24th in the race.
It was at that point that they realised that if they were to succeed
they would have to totally rethink their strategy.
They would work on fitness and making sure all of the team
were fitter than any other team,
this would mean dropping out of certain competitions
throughout the year and concentrating of individual fitness.
They would be more focused on the one goal as a team.

And it was like a light bulb turning on in my head,
this is what we need to do,
we need to be more focused on our core role as a pottery.
I need to get fitter, as I've put some weight on over the past 4
years. I'm not sure why,
I've never worked so hard in my life.
 So I need to get up earlier and get down the workshop and start
making pots, before we have to open to visitors,
 especially now that it is open tourist season,
 We both already work hard, but we have to work smarter as we are still trying
 to find the best way of working together.
We have a long path ahead of us and some times it can get a bit sticky.
 But once we overcome these issues and work out what road we
want to be on, the future can look very bright for us.
 It's nice to know that other people are on the same road as us
and it always helps to be able to share our ups and downs.
 Far better than travelling a long and lonely road.
 But once you have focus, you can notice so much more,
things that other people just walk past without giving a second glance.
Like the sun streaming through the leaves on this tree
on our walk to the workshop this morning.
 Today by 11.45 I had made 50 Pie dishes,
a great start to the day, Ok I got a bit way laid later in the day,
but I did load a bisc firing and make another 15 pie dishes
by the end of the day. but If I hadn't been focused
I would never have made the 50 at the start of the day.
 So this new Inspiration is starting to bear fruit
or in this case Hazelnuts.
 and it has enabled me to be able to see the wood for the trees.
and what wood it is.
I know that some of this may sound like corporate speak,
but you must remember that I had 20 years of working in the corporate world
before coming back to Pottery, and we have used this experience
to get to where we are today, but we must stay focused.
So I'm trying to be fitter leaner and Focused, so we can make
the most of working together.
We have some great ideas for taking us forward.
And well done Bradley Wiggins!!


Anonymous said...

Great post.
Diane B.

Julia said...

It's like Six Sigma for pottery - I love it!

The pie dishes are LOVELY!

gz said...

good for you!

forward planning, focussing and belief. Not always easy.

Tracey Broome said...

Paul, you are so right about the inspiration of Team Sky. We watched the tour every morning and our daughter, who has had chronic fatigue for the past two years was so inspired that she got her bike out and she and her dad are riding again. The greatest example of teamwork was at the end of the race where they planned for Cavendish to win and made it happen. It absolutely takes focus and teamwork to win a race like that! Good for you and Marion for what you are doing, I think it's such a great effort on both your parts :)

Paul Jessop said...

Julia what is "Six Sigma"

I woke up this morning and the first thing I thought was " that's not how you spell grueling" So I've changed it, sorry to all those who have read it.
Tracey great to hear it also inspired your daughter, it's hard to believe the power of something like this, and we have the Olympics starting on Friday. I can't wait.

Mike Farley said...

Great post, Paul. Glad you are feeling so inspired - so am I! So hurry up and make a Henry VIII related pot and lets market it!

Congresburypotter said...

This is an inspirational post Paul!! I've found that the better weather has helped a lot too - lifts the mood, energises and adds the 'feel good' factor to the day's work. All the best to you both!

Congresburypotter said...

This is an inspirational post Paul!! I've found that the better weather has helped a lot too - lifts the mood, energises and adds the 'feel good' factor to the day's work. All the best to you both!

Hannah said...

I have just loved watching the tour. I watched the Tour of Britain first stage finish in Dumfries last year and was blown away by it. I have never sat down and watched any sport before. The drive and commitment is quite brutal to succeed at that but great post and great comparisons Paul.

Anna M. Branner said...

Discipline can accomplish so much! Love this post Paul and will be using it to fuel me up while I work on my own plan.

Anonymous said...

Paul, so enjoyed reading your blog with the appropriate posts, and pictures to match! Well thought- out and very clever! And inspiring! May you reach your goals in good health and with much success!
Shelley from Jerusalem.

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