Monday, 8 October 2012

Only 77 Days till Christmas!

That's only 11 weeks
It seems crazy to be thinking about Christmas
but before you know it, it will be all gone.
Our Ginger bread Men and gift tags have been selling well
since the 1st of September this year, yes September!
So on Sunday Marion started on our Christmas display.
We have decided to go for it big time this year, with as much
natural decoration as we can find. 
We are trying hard to keep the showroom well stocked
and I'm about to put up a sign in the showroom about 
ordering pots for Christmas presents, early
so that I don't have to be working up til 5pm
on Christmas eve as I was last year. 
So The last ordering date will be Sunday 25th November.
 So this is just the start.
 Now it's turned colder we are drying pots on the kilns as they cool
to gain a few extra firings a month.
 Marion has become my Ace turner & slipper
which free's me up to do more throwing.
 while Caddy is the star of the showroom when he's not asleep.
 You can tell Christmas is coming, just by looking in the hedgerow
 I couldn't resist taking this picture.
 Caddy does have a head
but I think it fell off laughing when I told him it was
almost Christmas.
Keep warm & keep safe.

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