Saturday, 8 December 2012

Some times you ask yourself WHY ?

First of all, We have been so busy, I haven't found time
to keep the blog up to date. So I apologize for that.
The weather has been horrible very, very wet and windy.
Barrington Court looks a bit like this all over.

 a couple of trees haven't been able to withstand the combination
of soaking wet ground and strong winds.
This is the top view of a walnut tree.
 The sheep don't seem to mind.
 and here is something I have never done before
someone asked me if i could have a go at making tea bowls.
 I've never made them before
so we shall have to see how they turn out.
 Now we have the freezing weather to cope with
 The consolation is that it's Dry
 But very cold.
 Once again these girls don't seem to mind.
 So we have so little stock in the showroom
that I had to cancel putting some work in at the 
Ilminster Art Centre Christmas show.
and we were going to not attend the Dunster Castle event.
But I convinced Marion we should go
more as a PR thing than anything.
This is all of our stock out on display!
I'm glad I said to Marion it was a PR thing
because we only sold about 6 pots in a five hour spell. 
and as it was last year it was blooming FREEZING!!
The worst thing is that today we are there again 
from 4pm - 9.30pm.
It's a great event and well worth the journey.
so come along and say hello.
They have forgotten the Christmas music so tonight I'm taking
my digital radio to put on smooth xmas.

It's not all bad, how's this for a view
and I think Marion worked out very quickly why I still wanted to go
the burgers just by our stand are just brilliant! 
Well you have to keep warm some how!


Linda Starr said...

Too bad about the trees, those are some nice tea bowls.

Paul Jessop said...

Well Saturday didn't get much better for us. we sold a few but two hours in and sold nothing, makes you think what the hell am I doing here. so New focus next year. don't hold your breath to see us here again next year. Time to move on.

Anna M. Branner said...

So sorry the weekend did not produce more buyers. It seems such a magical venue for Christmas time. I wonder if any of the vendors do well?

Paul Jessop said...

As ever the Food and Drink stands are run off their feet, but I think the craft stalls are mearley a side show.
It didn't help having the lady on the stall next to us start chatting to our customers when they were thinking stuff through.Oh Hum!
I feel as if I should add
Bar Humbug at this point!

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