Saturday, 2 February 2013

River Cottage Spring Fair 2013

We are busy making stock for the River Cottage 
Spring Fair 2013.
The Axminster canteen has just had a face lift
and we popped in on Wednesday morning for Breakfast
which we would highly reccomend.
We also picked up some posters and leaflets for the showroom.
Here is a quick snap while the space was clear of people.

as a part of our stock I have made some more salt pigs
Because they are slipped on the inside I try and dry them out
on the kiln as it's cooling down.
I find it helps to stop them from collapsing.
at the last River cottage event we almost sold out of ramekins
in the first hour.
So this year We are taking no chances and making sure we have plenty of stock.
I made 60 yesterday, but we need another 140.

As you can see it's all just a bit too much for Cadbury.
This morning we opened the first Glaze firing of the year.

These are New for 2013.
Garlic pots are now back in stock.

and these jugs are going to be available in four sizes.
So plenty to go at this year,
with workmen all around sorting out
the building changes, there is a real buzz around the 
workshop at the moment.

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Hollis Engley said...

You do make lovely pots, Paul. Nice to see so many on the blog.

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