Thursday, 14 March 2013

Back to Basics Old English Slipware.

At the start of the year I decided I was going to make more jugs
and that is still the case.
But I've also been looking at some of my old pottery books
and I have decided that I want to make
Classic back to basics 
Old English Slipware.
Like these 8" serving dishes.
 sometimes when loading the glaze firing you just need that little
bit extra height for peace of mind.
So when it's just a bit to close to call, I add these pre fired slithers.
 I have always loved black slip
and this year I intend to improve my technique with wet slip.
 It's been freezing cold in the workshop
to such a point that on Tuesday we went home at 2pm.
 here are some more dishes
and they are in the glaze firing tonight.
 and some stock in the showroom.
 Lipped bowls.
 and small half pint jugs seem to be selling well.
 This is a 15" cassoulet dish.
 not forgetting the classic jug
this one hit the spot for me.
Isn't it nice when you are really chuffed with a pot as your making it.
 He may not look it, but Cadbury is very pleased
now that the court is open full time again.
He loves seeing the customers and they seem to love him.
 The work on the roof is still ongoing and this is the main reason
our workshop is so cold at the moment.
 We have had one nice day of sunshine when we could have lunch on the lawn.
 more shots on Saturday of some new pots
when they come out of the kiln.


Dennis Allen said...

I've been making glazed versions similar to your serving dish and selling them as bakers for several years.Quick to throw and a pretty good seller.

Lori Buff said...

The slithers are a great idea. Good thinking.

David Barber said...

I really love the mugs - beautiful!

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