Time line of a Pottery Workshop being Created in Somerset.

Here are a number of pictures showing the development
of a barn at Barrington Court, being converted into a 
Pottery workshop for Barrington Pottery.
Scaffolding going up outside. 
 Scaffolding up on the inside and the roof is stripped.
 The whole roof  was replaced.
 The barn was stripped bare.
 and new roof under progress.
 interior scaffolding to help with insulating the roof.

 The insulation is installed
 and then covered and painted.
 New lighting added.
 The next step was to lower the entrance back to it's original height.
 and fit some doors.
 I'm starting to get excited now!
 The barn as it was handed over to us.
 Cadbury trying hard to take it all in his stride.
 new stone work above back door.
 Spot lights installed in the showroom end.
 How the spotlights will make a difference.
 Stage spot lights on an old builders Ladder add a quirky touch! 
 The showroom is our stage
so Stage lights seemed the only solution.
 Then down to the hard work of Lime washing the showroom walls
 It was slow hard work and expensive
Farrow & Ball Lime wash does not come cheap.
 I built a counter from reclaimed wood.
 Then we moved in the units from the old showroom.
 still some way to go.
 Then two days later our first customers.
 This lady was our first customer, within 15 minuets
of the new showroom opening.
 So this is our new space from the outside.

 and this from the inside.
 Me sorting out the pugging area.
 and Marion in the new school area.
We are now fully open in the new Barn
we are away at Rufford Abbey this weekend
but Freya & Jo will be keeping the showroom open while we are away.
so why not come on down and see the new space
it really does have a great feel.
and should see the start of a new era at 
Barrington Pottery.


Ron said…
Amazing Paul and wonderful as well. Good luck this weekend.
Dennis Allen said…
Looks super. The under shelf lighting really works. Have a great show this weekend.
smartcat said…
What a transformation. I love seeing old buildings put to new uses.
Toes crossed for a huge show this weekend.
Lori Buff said…
Well done. I hope you have a great show and continued success in your new place.
Unknown said…
Fantastic! It's a beautiful space...your dreams are coming true!

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