Sunday, 29 December 2013

Where did 2013 Go ? and did we do anything....

First of all we would just like to thank
all of our friends & customers that have helped
 us in this past Year of 2013.
We have met a lot of new people this year & made 
some new friends along the way.
 I've tried to select some pictures that reflect the Year we have had
But it just can't be done!
What an incredible Year.
 So here are just a few you may not have seen.
 The New workshop has been blessed with some stunning
sun sets in the past few months.
 I have tried to make more jugs this year
but I need to make even more in 2014.
Bigger pots will be a major factor also in 2014. 
 Not only did we move into the new Barn
but we finally got the log burner going to keep us warm
this winter.
 New stock also will be a feature in 2014.
 I've also decided to make more pots with lids.
 This is a shot in our cottage, but it's given me an idea
for the showroom, so look out for a new idea.
 The High point of 2013
was my balloon ride, which I loved.
 I love the fact that I have made some very nice pots
over the past year.
 Shallow pancheons are still one of my favorites.
 Marion's wall of inspiration has been just that!
 Mick Aston's jug sits waiting for him.
 Once again Marion has proved to be the back bone
that has kept me going in what has proved to be our 
busiest year ever.
We have had 71 glaze firings this year and produced
over 2800 pots.
Lots of new Ideas for 2014
so Bring it on!

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