Monday, 16 June 2014

Escape to the Country TV appearance on BBC1 iplayer

Well the programe that was filmed last October was shown today on BBC1 at 3pm
for all of you out of the BBC area here is a link
on the i Player

The idea behind the show is people who want to move to a new area
in the countryside get shown a number of property's in a given area
and the couple also get to try a local craft.
We had two ladies come to us and they were such good fun.

Our bit is about 3 mins long.
Let me know what you think?

We are off to Earth & Fire on Thursday at Rufford Abbey
in Nottingham
Why not come and say hello if your in the area
the show is on from Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd.
Hence the mad production of pie dishes. 

We have spent the day putting together a stand for the show
There is a prize for the stand voted the best by the visitors
the prize is a free stall next year,
so we have put together what we think is a nice stall
lets see what the punters think?


Anna M. Branner said...

Boo. The link only works for UK people. Oh well, I will imagine that it was great fun.... Good luck at the show! Here's to a free booth next year! Fingers crossed...

GandT said...

HI Paul, Good job - came over well! Interestingly the featured house on 'Yarley Hill' is only a few hundred yards from ours - we are at the bottom of Yarley Hill! Trish Burridge - Somerset Guild.

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