Monday, 21 July 2014

Joint Stag & Hen Event/Day

With the Wedding only three weeks away
our good friends Wendy & Martin along with partners in crime
Pat & Ian
organised a joint event for the two of us.
We had no idea what had been planned until 11 am on the Saturday morning
when Nathan & Natasha turned up with these outfits and told us to get ready.
We got to the Barrington Boar at 11.30am
where we were met by a pub full of people all dressed
as cowboys and Indians. 
A Coach pulled up outside and we were off on a pub crawl. 
It was great fun, here are Martin & Wendy.

Proper Pubs 
 Some a bit harder to leave than others.
 as you can see we had a bit of fun along the way.
 here is a nice group shot.
I'm not sure if the dog wanted Jo or the hot dog she was eating, possibly
it wanted to en quire about the blow up horse!

 Phil came as a cowboy builder!
Two rowdy buggers 
This was the picture of the day, as the coach pulled away
Jo was just stood waiting to cross the road. 
Marion with Daughter Natasha & Daugther in law Louise.
the two Bridesmaids. 
at one point we played cricket and lost the ball.
Game over! 
We ended up back in the Barrington Boar for supper and a game 
of Killer skittles
we eventually left he pub 12 hours later
at 11.30pm.
A Brilliant day was had by all. and even better
the next morning I was up at 7am feeling great!
I could not believe it myself.


smartcat said...

What a great celebration! It makes me smile to see good friends enjoying each other!
Love that Horse! Has he got a name? neiggghhhh!

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

Wonderful to see your nuptial celebration beginning...your friends certainly know how to throw a party!

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Suzi, The horse was called Ned.
We do have a very good bunch of friends who love a party.

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