Planning Pots for 2015

I'm starting to think about the pots
I'm going to make next Year.
So I've been looking back at some of the pots I made this Year
and Picking out the ones that gave me the most pleasure.
I did love making this large two handled dish.
So these are on the making list for 2015.

I made these Devon Jugs for the National Trust
and every time I come to make them I put it off
and off, I always doubt myself that I can make them.
But I did love looking at them when I had finished.

The other thing I love is Dribbles on pots
a natural dribble on a dish tells a part of the story, 
Over the past few months I've been trying to wipe these off
but I don't like doing it, so next year if the slip dribbles
it's staying put.
To me it gives the pot a freshness and enhances it character.

I also made a couple of Large Bread Crocks, both were a challenge
but I want to make two new designs next year and have them as a 
regular item in the showroom.

This Year my aim was to make more jugs & I achieved that
I made a lot more jugs including these 
water jugs for our Wedding.
So these are on the list. 
Pancheons have proved to be one of my favorite pots to make
but this next Year I'm going to makes lots of different styles.

I also made this very large jug for the Ladies in the Village
and I want to make more Large jugs in this style
as long as I can do the form justice.

Whenever I start looking for inspiration I always turn to my
Michael Cardew books!
And this Year they have set me on the path for 2015.
I haven't made teapots for at least 4 Years
and I've been reading about them in the potters Bible that is
"Pioneer Pottery"
To Quote If that's Ok
" A Potter will make more friends, and find sterner critics, through
his teapots than from any of his other productions."
So I'm going to put my neck on the line and have a go.

 These were some of my last attempts 6 years ago.
I'm only going to make small ones
and only ones I want to make!
so that I'm not under any pressure to make what someone else
wants rather than what I want to make.
Happy New Year to you all.
I'm getting itchy fingers already!


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