Sunday, 3 January 2016

Heading into the unknown life as a potter in 2016.

Yesterday I spent 2 hours putting a blog together that was a look back over 2015.
Then I sat and read it before pushing what I thought
was going to be the "Publish Button",
but once I read it I decided to push the "Delete button"!

Life is short, and there just isn't enough time to make all the pots I want to,
plain simple ones like this Pancheon give me the most pleasure.

A quick look back over some old pictures and I unearthed this one
taken in 2014.
I am so lucky to be on the same stage as these fantastic potters
they spur me on to be the best ambassador for pottery I can be,
a very proud moment in my pottery life. 
 The workshop in early June looked like it could have been in Greece.
apart from the fact that those are Apple trees not Olive.
 My Demonstration at Art in Clay
proved to be a personal and business turning point,
I came away from the 3 day show on such a high.
Then of course was brought straight back down again!

But as ever my pottery friends gave me advice and 
my non pottery friends gave me a beer. 

 So Thank you to all of my followers
have a great 2016
What Ever it throws at you.
if you see somebody without a smile
give them one of yours.


Dennis Allen said...

Thanks Paul. May you and Marion have a happy and prosperous new year. "simple" is not nearly as simple as it looks to the casual observer. With no decoration to draw the eye away from an imperfect curve or a single pinhole in the glaze things need to be darn close to perfect.

smartcat said...

Thanks for a terrific year end overview. And I love that sign!
May you and Marion enjoy a happy, joy filled 2016!

Ron said...

Great post Paul. Keep making those wonderful pots.

ShellHawk said...

Great advice! I always try to give freely of my smiles. :)

Have a fantastic 2016!

Patti said...

I am a potter and I follow you because your life, your craft, and your wit inspire me and bring a smile every time I see a new post. Thank you.

Tracey Broome said...

Happy new year Paul, your simple honest pottery is a joy to see in every post. I love your work, if I lived close by, I would have some serious issues with pottery hoarding :) it's been great to share your journey through our blogs

Paul Jessop said...

Thanks for the nice comments much appreciated.

alice meraviglia said...

Being in touch with ceramists out there in the world really helps me not to feel alone in my difficult adventure, thankyou for your free smiles!

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