Monday, 10 October 2016

As Winter approaches we step up a gear!

At this time of Year our minds have been turning to Winter
and all that that entails.
The start of Winter is our busiest time of year.
We have been planning our production to make sure
we can make the most of this busy period.
I'm determined to have a fully stocked showroom.
full of wonderful pots for people to buy.
The National Trust have decided not to continue with the Mistletoe Fayre
this Year.
But instead they are incorporating an event in with the 
Workshop event we hold each year.
The other workshops will all be open late
but we always seem to be the last to close, one year we were pushing people 
out of the door at 9.30pm
only to join them in the pub for the rest of the evening. 

This Year will be the best event we have ever laid on!
We simplified our Leaflet but once again we have
kept well away from the standard local leaflet design.
We are what we are and not one of the pack!

as the nights draw in it's time to put away the garden furniture
for another Year.
But the good weather just keeps coming
so we are making the most with short darts to the coast!

Finding the balance between making orders and making my 
signature pieces has been easier this time.
as I have changed my approach to certain aspects of my working day.

It's a rare event to see the kiln empty at the moment
and I finally feel as though it's doing what I want it too!
( I probably shouldn't say that ).

The second batch of these mugs came out of the kiln yesterday
and one sold whilst still warm!
The same with these Soup Bowls
I still love the Pancheons especially when the sun catches them
whilst still in the kiln.

The Bread Pancheons make great presents for people who 
love to make their own bread.

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