Sunday, 19 July 2020

Throwing the doors open!

We are back Open
We Threw our doors open at 10.30 on Saturday 4th July 2020
and we have been pleasantly reassured by the response!
People actually seeking us out to come and support us and checking that we are both Ok
( which we are Thank You )
Talking to customers again has been a delight! 
“There I said it!”

Being interrupted while trying to slip some bigger Pancheons has been a pleasure!
Without customers where would we be?
“You’ve probably Just spat Your tea out at this point”
Is this really Paul writing this?
Yes it is Honest!

I have a new spring in my step since we came back and it’s not just down to a new pair of Reeboks 

We had our first lesson in on Friday 
Having cancelled 107 spaces we need to start catching up
but only when people feel comfortable doing so!
We’ve taken appropriate measures and reduce class sizes, so if you’ve got yourself a voucher you can checkout the revised dates on the website, but you have to give Marion a call to book the date you want.

My trials of new designs, slips and colours have really got me excited about making again
and I’m loving it at the moment!

We currently are working on pots for two new customers that we hope will 
prove to be long term collaborations, more on that as we progress!

You may or may not have noticed on our website that we have included a new sales category called Barrington Pottery and Lifestyle which is something we have been working on for a while now, but we haven’t properly announced it to the World just yet as we have been looking for more products to add to it! 
So we have been searching out things that we love or would love, but what’s proving difficult is finding things that we don’t just Keep for ourselves!
Like these two roof tile wall candles, that are now living under the logia in our back garden!
Whilst writing this I’ve just had to stop because a lady just bought the Weekday Chalk Board in the showroom!

I hope I’m not going on to much? Please tell me if I am!
so much is happening at the moment it’s hard to keep up.

The one thing we have decided is to make more time for ourselves 
and a day on the north Devon coast was just the ticket.
Look at all that socially distant space!
It’s not all roses
Blogs are about telling it how it is, 
we’ll my one is.
If I said my car has been a pain in the butt, that would be a very big understatement 
Donald Trump would probably say
“ it’s not a problem, I knew it was a problem, I saw the problem coming”

And here’s another thing
We have been open 14 Days
And this is all that has been used by people coming in the shop!
Even more infuriating is that most of that has been used as they Go Out!

But my New reading glasses are great!

Hope you’re  all well?
Stay safe and let’s hope the National Trust start to increase the number of visitors to the Court or at least let in people who just want to visit us 
because the current arrangements aren’t doing us any favours at all!


Tracey Broome said...

Nice to see a post here. I'm trying to revive my blog, but the quick posting of Instagram got me lazy. I never realized how much time I spent constructing blog posts when I did a lot of them! re: retail- I have a love/hate relationship with it! Good luck, stay well!

smartcat said...

Love a long post. It feels like I am entering your studio , shop and all.
Like Tracey I am trying to post a bit more on my blog.
As you have probably read C-19 is all over the map here in the USA. I live in a relatively safe area, thanks to our governor and neighboring N.E states. We still limit going out and always wear masks. Still it’s terrific to see that yor are getting back to normal, whatever that is.
Stay safe and well, and keep posting.

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