Saturday, 20 September 2008

A Busy Week

Marion's Son Nathan came down on Wednesday
with his wife Louise and little lad Joshua.
luckily for Him he arrived just after I had moved the Ton of clay off the road and into the garden.
On the Thursday we went out taking pictures of the village for my web site and some leaflets I'm thinking of having made up.
This is Barrington Court the big National trust property that is at the other end of our village, they get 60,000 visitors a year. I would love to get a workshop set up down there, so I'm going to go through the official channels and see what I can do.
This was one of my snap shots Nathan's pictures are just stunning, but you'll have to be very good this weekend if you want to see some of those.
These Rhubarb Forcers were in the kitchen garden.
And this veg looks Stunning, isn't it amazing how nature can produce such fantastic colours.

We also found time to visit some more open workshops during Somerset Art Weeks
We thought this place was great and I met a fellow potter here, a guy called Paul Stubbs so that was very interesting for me, we had to leave a bit earlier than I would have liked because we had the dogs with us and they had been sat in the back of the truck for too long.

We also met this Guy Tom Clark - Stone Mason and also there was Ben Leach
son of John Leach they had a fantastic workshop and gallery area.

We took the dogs for a walk and I just love these classic Countryside Views.

and then when we made it back to Barrington we caught sight of this hot air balloon just taking of at the top of the hill.

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