Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A Ton of Clay & New Pots

I had a ton of clay delivered today, it was quite amusing, the lorry driver rang me early in the morning to say he had my clay on his lorry and would deliver around lunch time. sure enough at lunch time this huge lorry turned up outside the cottage, Ian my next door neighbour came out to have a look at what a Ton of clay looked like. The driver opened the back of the lorry and there was no clay on there just five pallets of boxes, well we just fell about laughing.
apparently it was still at the depot, anyway they put it in a smaller van and delivered it two hours later, but we had to unload it by hand.
I opened the kiln a bit early today because a visitor wanted to have a look
and here are some of the pots
This is a large bowl 12" wide

and a small Harvest jug, I wish this one had come out of the Harvest of Jugs firing its much better than the one that did come out.

These are some of my new serving dishes with handles.

I had pretty much given up on this glaze until I saw one of my bowls that came out of the Harvest of jugs firing that was fired to 1100, so I fired my kiln to 1100 this time and I think I got better results all round.


Judy Shreve said...

Your fired pieces are wonderful! How are you firing - gas/reduction - oxidation?
I really like your work.

Ron said...

Nice wall of clay. The pots are ace.

paul jessop said...

Hi Judy, I gas fire but try to keep it Oxidation. This last firing was 1100.

Judy Shreve said...

Paul - you've gotten wonderful results! Luscious glazes & great forms! Is that 1100 celsius? And are you using earthenware?

paul jessop said...

Hi Yes it's 1100 celsius and I use a smooth Earthenware clay. I make the glazes up myself the main ingedient is lead bisilicate.

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