Tuesday, 23 September 2008

PotFest - South West

I am going to be at Potfest this weekend, courtesy of Doug Fitch,
Doug had booked up a stand but is unable to attend this year due to commitments
so Doug Kindly offered me his stand space.
The organisers have agreed to let me stand in, not something they would normally do
but due to the short notice and possibly the promise that I will take my own stand next year they have let me .
So the kiln is on, to get one more glaze firing out before the weekend.

This will be the first pottery show that I will have ever done
so I'm a bit worried about how my pots will stand up against
all these other potters.
At least my pots will be different!!


Hannah said...

Hey fantastic! Go for it. Paul Young will be there too, you'll be able to have some good pot related gassing with him.
I love Potfest, it's such a good atmosphere, hope you enjoy it. It looks like you'll meet Kathryne Winfrey too, slipware girl, she's a sweetie, has been very helpful and encouraging to me over the last few years, and also Elspeth Soper who I met in Potfest in Penrith for the first time who has some really beautiful illustrations on here slipware.
Oh I wish I was coming too, hmmm too close to other things though. Never mind but good luck to you.

doug fitch said...

Good luck Paul, I hope it goes well for you. It'll be a great experience, you can't beat being with a whole bunch of other potters. Hope you sell loooooooads

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