Thursday, 11 September 2008

It's Thirsty Thursday

I still can not find my PJ stamp for my pots, I've had three attempts at making a new one but to no avail. Does anyone know where I can get one made up because I would quite like to get one made for Barrington Pottery ?
This may be the time to get a new one anyway as a part of my wanting to up my game.
I feel lost without it !
I have a kiln full of pots ready for biscuit firing on Friday but none of the pots have my stamp on them, including this Harvest jug.
Third attempt at Tankards, at least these one's will actually hold a pint!!.

Fresh Jugs

anyway it's Thirsty Thursday off to the pub tonight for a well earned drink or two.


brandon phillips said...

i broke my stamp yesterday and i was pissed(means really angry in US). i've had this guy for 5 years and now i gotta make a new one.

Hannah said...

i like the pj one. i've always used my pottery name till those harvest jugs but am finding people more and more want my name on there.
(obviously not my name on your pots now that would be silly but you know what i mean)

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

You can get metal stamps ordered from a print shop to any design, most folk use them for embossing paper though I don't think they are cheap (I have found subtle hints to a close relative that you want a real signet ring showing them the design you use and leaving it around somewhere works far better though it may take some time - Christmas or birthday).

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