Sunday, 2 May 2010

May Bank Holiday Weekend Already !

I can't believe it's May already ! where does the time go these days?
As it's the Bank Holiday I decided to change a few things around
in the showroom to keep it fresh.
first of all I gave the place a good Vacuum and then dusted down all my pots.
Then I set the table up with a rustic home baking feel.
Under the apple boxes are boxes of pots waiting to be collected.

I'm doing three things at once at the moment. Glazing , Slipping, and Turning.

These jugs have green slip and the two below , have white slip.

and these Tankards that are an order were all glazed and are now in the kiln.
I also had a very nice couple from America in the showroom
who bought some pots and also commissioned me to make them some more,
These will be going to Washington DC.
Strange to think that my pots are going all over the world.
A lady bought a bowl last friday and told me it would be going to Canada with her.


ang said...

hey paul things are just cracking along there, excellent stuff..

Mr. Young's Art said...

Love your slipwork!

Tracey Broome said...

Who could resist buying a pot in such a cozy atmosphere. I have got to get over there one day!

Nu Kua said...

I had the same idea as Tracey, got to get over there and see/feel/smell/touch everything in real life!
The internet version isn't enough, hehe.
Who knows, maybe we'll meet there...
It all looks wonderful!

Dave said...

I love the work and the room in the pictures. Very nice.

joe said...

Beautiful slipwork! Elegant.

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