Thursday, 6 May 2010

Away Day!

So what would you expect any self respecting potter to do when he decides to take a day off from the workshop ?
If you said, go and look at pots, then you are Correct !

I went and had a look around

The RJ Lloyd Ceramics Collection at the Burton Art Gallery and Museum

In Bideford

What a great collection

I think this plate was my favorite piece..

But look at these.

and these.

Beakers, so simple.

also very nice to see.
and to add to my day Clive Bowen's place is only 10 miles down the road.
This was my first visit here.
Clive was not there but his son Tom showed us around and made us feel very welcome.
I spent most of the time saying "Wow oh Wow".

Inspiration indeed.
Great colours
I loved this plate.
I thought I was going to come away all disillusioned, but I haven't
I've come away all inspired.
So I'm off to the workshop.


Dan Finnegan said...

What a great day those Winchcombe pots and Clive, of course, is a true master!

Ron said...

Nice to see all those pots! Cool shots from Clive's. Inspired for sure.

Annbritt Schmützer said...

I'm just like you when I'm off on vacation ! Ceramics , potters and pottery workshops, where are you!

ha de gött
annbritt /Nora Sweden

Hannah said...

Clive's place is quite something isn't it, made my little space feel like a cereal box.

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