Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Two Glaze firings in one week.

I'm trying my hardest to catch up with the general
 lack of stock in the showroom.
I mixed up a new batch of glaze which I
deliberately made up a bit thicker.
This salt pig has the new batch of glaze.
and this is the backside.
This is the old English white.
and a nice bloom on the side.
one of the garlic pots
also with a nice bloom.
this new serving dish
has a rich lush glaze.
and a couple of these Live Simply bowls
and pie dishes in a number of colours.

and to show I mean business
these jugs are now ready for biscuit firing.
I'm pleased to say The showroom has a reasonable level
of stock
but that's partly due to the fact
that Bank Holiday weekend sales were very poor.
every cloud has a silver lining.


Joseph said...

Bank Holiday was so bad on Saturday I took Monday off. Didn't have a single person in all day Saturday.

I had 2 glaze firings last week and 3 this week minimum just to get done for Saturday so then I can take my holiday next week! Not a single piece of personal work in the lot all children's firings.

Next week is Holiday, looking forward to it, hoping to come and see you there at Barrington.

imagine said...

I am pleased that at least one man has the courage to talk about how sales are going at the moment.
It is a hard time at the moment Paul, but I know you will rise above it.
Your pots are fantastic, honest and functional and the glaze so very beautiful and rich.
A bad Bank Holiday means nothing, this sort of quality will rise to the surface.
Let's see more of the " Old English white", I love it.

Lori Buff said...

Don't feel bad about the slow holiday, you obviously needed the time to catch up from a lot of better sales days.

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