To Slip or not to Slip ? that is the question.

Laura is probably going to pick me up on my grammar with this title.
But nether the less the question needs to be asked.
I just mixed up a new batch of Hyplas 71 Ball Clay
from a new 25KG sack
and look at the difference in colour.
the one on the left is the old bucket
and the new one on the right is much creamier in colour.
So the dilemma is do I use it ?
Will it come out the same colour
" I'm thinking not" 
I slipped this dish with the old white inside
and the green outside.
and these Tankards are for an order
I've decided not to slip them until I've had some feedback
from some of my trusted friends on the blog. 
also waiting in the wings are these three small harvest type jugs
that are at present being looked over by Bernard Leach. 
So While I'm waiting for some potterly advice
I have got on with an order for Tapas bowls from
the local pub.
The Barrington Oak.

Thank You in advance,
as I am sure You will be able to help me.


gz said…
Can you use it and do a test firing, or get it in someone else's kiln for a test?
cookingwithgas said…
we have found differences in glaze color as well as slip and hesitate just to then test and find no difference at all.
BUT- if you are weary test,test and test.
This happens to me from time to time, last year i had feldspar that went from stark white to cream to pink, all fired out the same. I have a white slip that has a lot of organics in it from a dirty ball clay and after awhile it grows a little mold and gets darker, fires out just fine though. if you're real worried I'd just test it on a few pots.

materials can change though, a kaolin that I use has been giving me hell from this last batch, looks fine raw...fires out a different color. go figure.
Dan Finnegan said…
What Brandon said...old slip changes with sunlight, age, things growing...Hyplas has been consistent for a long time.
Hannah said…
Hyplas seems to do that Paul, don't worry, mine always looks odd when I mix a new batch. Should be just fine.
Ron said…
Looks like you've got all the advice you need. I'd like to have about a ton of that Hyplas clay, makes a great salt body.
Paul Jessop said…
Thank You Guy's I'll get them slipped this morning.

You better be right!

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