Monday, 16 January 2012

Miserable Monday

Today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year
and so it felt when we both woke up this morning.
To add to the feeling of woe
The Pajero broke down again yesterday.
We are hoping to keep it going just one more year, but it will
be 20 years old in the summer.

So On Miserable Monday caddy and I walked to work.

Very cold and very frosty

But the sun was coming up. 
and it looked great. 
The sun was rising behind the workshop 
The sky was very clear 
a very cold workshop
it was only 3oc.

It took a long time to get it up to a workable temperature
I put the raku kiln on without the lid which helped.

The workshop was cold because I had gone to see Doug Fitch
on Friday and came back with this Fantastic dish
Thanks Doug for a great time as usual. 
I love the orange coloured slip which is made from Doug's local clay.
so at the end of today
I opened a bag of Local clay from Donyatt
that a customer had given me. 
and I'm going to do some trials
to see what colour this one comes out as.


gz said...

Using all the different local clays is great fun! Looking forward to seeing the results.

cookingwithgas said...

looks pretty good from here!
and with Monday over the week only gets better.

imagine said...

It's funny how every now and again you can lose perspective.
I know that in past lives we might both have earnt more money, but seeing the pictures of your walk to work
should remind us that sometimes [just sometimes] this
art/craft life isn't all bad.
Mind you it is when you need cash for a new car, that's
when you remember those silly little things called "pay cheques".
Still you can't have everything.
Even on a cold day what you have now money just can't buy.

toni said...

hola,soy Toni,soy alfarero y vivo en Mallorca,admiro mucho tu trabajo y me ha gustado el video de tu web.saludos y felicidades.PD.Yo tambien tengo un Pajero pero nunca se rompe.

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