Friday, 13 January 2012

Fantastic new customers

On My last blog post I mentioned a web site sale that turned out to
 be more than I expected.
I had an order for a large green Pancheon from
the lady who owns the THYME at Southrop Manor Cookery school.

Here is the link to the web site.
We delivered the Pancheon ourselves last Saturday
and we met Caryn Hibbert the owner
she gave us a guided tour of the cookery school
and the rest of the development.
It's Stunning
No expense has been spared to create the perfect cookery school.
On Thursday Caryn and Head Chef Daryll
Came to the workshop to talk about me making them
some Pancheons for use in the school
and for sale in their shop.
We have come up with some design ideas that will make these
unique to Southrop.

More pics as the products develop.

Back in the workshop it's almost wassail time January 17th
so I've been busy making my wassail cups.

Handles Pulled and drying
Here you can see the handles on and the clay bits for the sprigs
and also my PJ stamp, Barrington stamp and the two
sprig stamps.

and here are the finished wassail cups.
Here is a pic of the workshop.
as you can see I'm making some more pie dishes
to replace stock.
Because I had an order for 20 pie dishes from a pub in London
on Wednesday that I had in stock.
So if your in the
Tonight order a Pie and you'll get it served up
in one of my pie dishes.


Anna M. Branner said...

Fantastic! You are one successful potter! :)

Joseph said...

It really is the year that keeps getting better for you Paul, absolutely amazing.

Paul Jessop said...

The Luck Virus would appear to have just run out.
The Pajero has broken down yet again !

Ron said...

I love to hear that your pots are going out to be used in pubs and such. That's so amazing.

(Sorry about the Pajero)

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