Monday, 23 January 2012

A Blog

Some of these Pictures have been on Facebook over the past few days
Here on a shelf in our sitting room are two new pots
The Branhams jug I picked up on Saturday
 in Lyme Regis for £5.00
 These two Harvest jugs are a break from the orders I'm working on
I find it a comforting thing to make other things as well as orders
at the same time.
 I made some new mugs last week and I thought they were
too thin, so I cut one in half to check,
Looked OK to me! 
A Slipped Harvest Jug prior to decorating. 
In January & February I've decided to take
Saturday's & Sundays off.
To spend a bit more time with Marion.
This was Sundays walk. 
Looking down on the workshop
which we then spent 4 hours working in on Sunday
Oh Well
at least we were together.


Dennis Allen said...

Titles a little hard to come up with today?

Paul Jessop said...


Linda B said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as "too thin" in pottery (but I work in porcelain)

MomCavePottery said...

You crank out that pottery like a machine, except 100% better. Amazing. Thank you for the dissected pots. Now I know what I should strive for.

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