Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Making Time to make time @ Barrington Pottery

Isn't it always the way, that when the pressure is on
a kiln goes down on you.
This is the top shelf, and as you can see the smaller pots are all under fired.
the larger bowl was being re-fired having painted some more glaze
on the rim, to cover a thin area. 
This is the second shelf and all the pots were OK at this point. 
and this is the bottom shelf and I'm pleased to say these were all 
 upon closer inspection I found that one of my connector wires had burnt out
 I've ordered a few more and will sort this if I can.
 This is a further attempt at a bowl for the church font.
 I have added a foot rim
 Here it is after I had thrown it in place.
and here I am trying to dry the rim without drying the rest of the pot
I hope this will help it stay on.

 I have also started to make pots for Earth & Fire in June
Here are three harvest jugs for the show.

all made with 6lbs of clay and all about 10" tall.

 Getting inspiration from your surroundings
is something that can sometimes get put on the back burner
when you are busy.
But I'm determined to make the time for making time.
 This looks like it could be someone farming on the moon,
but it's the potato crop being planted in the top field.
and the hillside is coming to life again. 
This is our favorite church, but it's no longer in use. 
and I loved this.
Natures dinner table.


Ron said...

Great photos Paul. Love seeing Marion and Caddy there. Hope you get your kiln sorted and that the big bowl works out.

Linda Starr said...

Great photos; what a wonderful path to walk on with a walking stick and love the castle looking church. Hope you get the kiln fixed.

Hollis Engley said...

It's a shame that church is no longer in use. Hope the parish is keeping it in good shape. That building and its setting just say "England" to some of us.

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