Thursday, 30 January 2014

Fresh Jugs from Paul Jessop

 As a part of my New Year, New Start
I promised myself I will make more jugs.
This morning I opened the kiln on my first batch.
These are 3lbs of clay and are approx 8" tall.

 Here on the central table in our showroom is part of our range of pots
I've put all the green pots together but I think a mix of colours 
would probably work better. 
We use a tag line at our shows
"Simple Honest Pottery"
Here are some of the jugs in more detail. 
 I do still love the plain and simple jugs best
and this afternoon I deployed one of my Christmas presents
a stick on tape measure.
I can never find my tape measure so this will enable me to set my calipers
to set sizes for making pie dishes and pot lids.
You can buy these really cheap from fabric shops
Janet at Barrington Patchwork has them in stock.

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