Monday, 17 February 2014

#OpenforBusiness@Barrington Pottery

The Somerset Levels has never had so much Media Attention
with the floods.
If only they would come back when businesses are
able to re open after the largest amount of rainfall in a Generation.
This shot from the air gives just a flavour of the extent of the flooding.
Luckily for us here at Barrington Pottery we have been able to keep open
and keep working.
The weather is getting us down a bit now, but at least we are not flooded.

The ladies in Barrington organised a coffee morning in the Village Hall
to raise funds for the flood affected people.
and they raised just over £1000.
We have been busy making stock and orders
and we have made a few changes to showroom
I finally feel as if i'm getting somewhere with it. 
Today is another day of rain, but this is about as bad as it gets outside our workshop.

 The Flue to the log burner is still leaking
and running down the pipe
but we can cope with that for now.

 Our Cottage has had a few close shaves with the flooding
but as yet we are still dry at home.

 I'm glad I put a new roof on the old workshop in January
and it's still there.
 Here are some of the new jugs in stock
Half Pint, Pint & Pint & a Half sizes.
 We have had the odd days with a break in the weather
and on one of these we stopped in at a church that had been recommended to us
by one of our customers
 Hornblotten church was just amazing.
and a little light relief from all of the misery of wet weather.
Anyway chin up wellies on
it's half term here and Marion is doing play with clay
this week 11am - 3.30pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday.
We have had to increase the price to £3 per person
but it's still good value and the kids love it.

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