Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sharing my walk to work and my Turning Chuck.

 We Live and Pot in the Beautiful Village of Barrington
Here in Somerset .
In between the day's and day's of rain
I have been walking through the village to the workshop
and here are a few pictures taken on route.
The local farm shop Rowsel.
Across the road is St Mary's Church where we are due
to be Married later this year.
 Here is a nice Wisteria waiting for the weather to warm up
and look spectacular again.
This great big house has always been a favorite of mine
I love the windows and the stone.
This is water street heading down to Barrington Court
where our workshop is.
an old sign on a wall next to a pear tree.
A Lovely foot path that runs by a shallow stream
that Caddy likes to paddle in.
This is at the end of the footpath and a view over the 
cricket pitch.
It's a cold frosty morning down at the workshops.
So first things first to light the log burner and put the kettle on.

Today's task was to turn some larger jugs.
and for this I use a Chuck
This is a chuck I have had for over two years now
It's one I threw
It's just a tip I wanted to pass on.

It works a treat and has done for years now
all I do is wet the wheel head to stick it in place.
Having been given an Honorable mention
in the top pottery blogs for 2013
I felt I would pass on some more of my making tips
it's not so much the chuck idea that is new
but the fact that you can keep and use the same one
for years and years.


Liberty Stoneware said...

Thanks for the post, it gave me pleasure to see the photos of your walk and remember my own travel to Muchelney some years ago.

Anna M. Branner said...

Such a beautiful commute! Do you bisque fire your chuck?

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Anna, no it's not fired.

Anna M. Branner said...

Wow a greenware chuck that has lasted 2 years! That is an accomplishment. :)

smartcat said...

What a pretty, tranquil walk. With a wood stove to warm everything up at the end. Do you worry about things freezing overnight or is there enough residual heat in the building?

Paul Jessop said...

I haven't had a freezing night so far so I'm not quite sure, I think when I get close to one I'll try and keep the log burner going over night, or at least stoke it up before I go home. at the moment I let it go out in the afternoon.

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