Friday, 11 July 2008

Mary Queen of shops

There's a TV programme on BBC2 on Monday evening at the moment called Mary Queen of Shops. It's presented by a lady called Mary Portas. what she does is go to boutique shops that are failing and shows them where they are going wrong. I love watching it because she doesn't put the shop owners down or try and make them look stupid. She just talks very good common sense and points them in the right direction. She made me think the other night, when she was talking to one shop owner about the stock she was buying for her shop. she said you only buy what you like, have you ever asked your customers what they like. the answer was no and the shop was failing because people were not buying her clothes.
How does this relate to us Potters I thought, because don't we make what we like and only that ?

Presentation is also a key element, give pots space. be proud of your product, encourage your customers by talking to them, let them feel your enthusiasm and understand why you make what you make.
Then last weekend I read an article about Mary in the Sunday Times, she is the same age as me couple of kids and divorced, she now runs here own business turning over £5 million and she used to be the creative director at Harvey Nicks.
I sat there thinking Jesus Christ what have I achieved ? bugger all !! and if I don't get of my arse now I never will.


Matt Grimmitt said...

Depends how you see acheived really paul, she can keep her £5 million as far as i'm concerned bugger the cash! You have already made loads of steps towards what you want and although lots of money is nice isn't it what feels right more than anything. Your time for clay is limited right now by a job, go with your heart pots made by passionate potters show that, look at Doug, Ron, Hannah. Their pots scream passion and from what I can see the public see that in them. Hey, you are going to do it because it's plain for all to see you are very passionate about it! Don't lose heart, get some red mud out, you know it's right!

paul jessop said...

It's not about the money, I don't care a hoot for the money Matt. It's the getting out there and making something of your life,I'm on about. And by that I mean a POTTER
If I can make it as a potter I would be very happy indeed.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

I know it's not about the money but you do have to be a business man when you are a potter, think about what folk are going to want when your kiln load comes out, is it summer? Salad bowls and Vases. Is it winter? Lamps and Casseroles and quality is just as important these days, unlike the 60's when a blob could sell you must keep it fairly tight.

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