Saturday, 30 August 2008

Finally made some more pots after a scary day

Yesterday I went to see my eldest daughter Laura Elizabeth Jessop, she's the one with the blog called Poppycock and Fiddlesticks
She was in the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead in an isolation ward
somehow she had contracted C- Deficile and the doctors were mystified as to how she got it at such a young age.
It was scary just going in to see her , I had to wear all sorts of protective clothing. Luckily the doctors say she has got over the worst of it and will be OK.
I'm not good in hospitals any way at the best of times.
I wish I had stayed longer but it still took me 4 hours to get home afterwards.
Finally I found some time to slip these little jugs
And decorate some 1 Pint Tankards I had been asked to make

after a few attempts I found the best way to do these ones was to sit them on the outer rim of the banding wheel, that way I could do four at a time.
I'm trying to perfect the fluidity of the decoration.
It was just nice to get some things done after so much time out of the workshop.


Patricia Griffin said...

Hi Paul - Hope Laura is feeling much better soon. I went to her blog. What a creative girl. Sounds like she's been under much pressure with her thesis. Hopefully, she's well on the mend now.

Great idea with putting the mugs on the banding wheel. Your work is so inspiring!

Ron said...

Hey Paul. Sorry to hear about Laura but I'm glad she's doing better. I had to look up C. d. it sounds like a pretty awful thing to get. Take care.

Hannah said...

Send her our love, that's a bit scary isn't it. Hope she's doing ok.

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