Monday, 1 September 2008

A Great Evening Courtesy of Nic Collins

I am told it is an annual event towards the end of the Nic Collins kiln building course
that he throws a party in his garden and the Love Daddies provide the main entertainment. I went along this year, unfortunately on my own as Marion had to baby sit one of our grandsons. which meant I had to drive back home. so no booze for me that night. which was probably a good thing for the other guests as I only hit the dance floor for the last two numbers.
But a great night.
The Man in Full action with Son Luke looking on from stage left.
OK these pictures aren't in sequence ; This one shows the quiet and relaxed setting as the band set up

This was something I had never seen before : a firework display in an Ice Cube !!!!!

Remember Less is More

The Love Daddies in action above and if this small clip works, because at the moment it's not showing up. a few seconds footage of Blogger Andrew on the dance floor.

What a great night for these young lads who did a storming Debut set
followed I'm sure by throwing a few telly's out of hotel room windows.
You've got to take your hat off to these guys
" The Trilbies"

OK poor pun i admit but the video was good.

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ang said...

thanks for these, looks like a fun night....hope your daughter gets better soon.

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