Monday, 15 September 2008

Door Envy

Do you ever suffer from Door Envy ?
at lunch today we went to Hinton St George a village a few miles up the road from Barrington to see Jane Phillips paintings and prints, as part of Somerset Art Weeks, and this is her house.
What a fabulous front door.
It looks like a painting it's self. Having had our fix it's back to the potting shed to finish glazing ready for my glaze firing on Tuesday. so some new pots to show on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, My name is Nicola Lindsay & I work at Argyll Pottery. I got the link through to your page from Alan's blog & I am answering the comments left as Alan has had an accident yesterday on his bike & passed away. I dont know what people have heard, if anything or have seen on the news as it was reported lastnight. If you could please pass on this news as we are doing our best to let people know.
Kind regards Nicola

paul jessop said...

To all other bloggers that read my blog. I would just like to say that To Me Alan was one of the most helpful and kindest Potters I had ever had the pleasure to talk to on the blog. I had never actually met him, which hurts because both myself and Marion had talked about going to scotland next year to meet Alan. I've been firing my glaze kiln today and it's taken much longer than usual, in the end I found myself asking Alan to help me get up to temperature.

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