Monday, 29 September 2008

New Pots and Potfest South West 08

I had some new pots come out of the Kiln the day before Potfest
These were the first two plates I had made since 1982, Well they were worth the wait !!!

This Big chap started life with a lid, but it did not pass my new quality control Hammer !

I finally glazed this Harvest Jug.

These new Handled serving dishes are a treat to make and use.

This was the stall at Potfest in what turned out to be the coldest part of the whole show
this corner just did not get any of the sunshine.
It was certainly different from anything else on show. I'm not sure the public were ready for me, but I was very encouraged about the comments People made.
Although I didn't sell a great deal I still came away feeling pretty positive, I wasn't sure that pot fest would be my kind of show right from the start.
But I loved meeting people and talking about my pots I am sure that my work will prove to be the pots people want to buy and use
"They just don' know it yet".
Harvest corner. I had lots of people ask me if I made casserole dishes and I told everyone that I had made one before I had come to the show. so just to prove I was telling the truth here it is.

The Lady on the stand next to us was doing her first pot fest as well , Sally Gardiner she makes stoneware animals and she and Marion got on great.

This is Sally Gardiner's stand with a great backdrop.

What would pot fest be without Mr Paul Young
another stunning display of top class work.

all in all a good experience but the major factor was the lack of customers
around 350 on the Friday 500 on the Saturday and about 400 on the Sunday.
Of course I was a name know one had heard of or seen before.
with 80 well know potters there I did well to sell anything.


Brian said...

I just love that honey brown glaze you use. Its very warm and earthy.
I also like your decoration style. Very simple, elegant and understated.

Ron said...

Those are nice plates Paul. I'll take 12 with bowls to match. j.k.

Glad you had a good experience. Everything looks awesome.

ang said...

really nice glazing rather warming, and how's the suspense on the plate making! the next 2 should be rippers.....that's one large display paul well done..

Hannah said...

Stand looks good, like the new plates.
My first potfest was pretty poor sales wise but this year was my 5th and it has gotten signifficantly better each year, some people seem to like to know that you're not some fly by night before they feel confident to buy. Well done though, what's next?

Patricia Griffin said...

Sounds like you have a great attitude and will have more sales at future shows as people get to know your work.

Hannah said...

Hey by the way I hope you're not too disappointed with potfest Mr Jessop. Just read your post on Alan's blog, I know what you mean. Wierd still isn't it.

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