Sunday, 2 November 2008

Jugs of Different Designs

I put the finishing touches to some of my Jugs today
This is the Lidded jug I have been asked to make.
It's made me think about making some Coffee pots, Obviously a different lid detail would be needed , and does anyone ever buy coffee pots ?
I'm not sure, We met some new people in the pub last night
and inevitably got talking about Pottery, so much so that they ordered a Teapot.

This big jug is at least 12" tall and having studied my Donyatt book carefully over the past few days to decided the best handle to put on it I settled upon this.
I did a couple of quick videos today but committed the Bloggers sin
of turning the camera on it's side.


ang said...

real noice!!

Matt Grimmitt said...

Hey i'm glad I never got the chance to do ragley hall then, I looked into it but it's the same weekend as warwick castle. Cheers for the tip off. Coffee pots are strange things aren't they not sure people have the time to use them now but they are lovely things, nice jugs too.
Cheers paul

doug fitch said...

What a fantastic pair of jugs Paul. I like the lidded jug too very much - proper job

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