Monday, 8 December 2008

Home Alone !

Blogger Andrew came around this afternoon on his way home from Nic Collins place, where he has been helping to fire the kiln over the last week.
I took him over to John Leach's place, John was out when we got there, so I had a chat with Johns wife Lizzy while Andrew selected some pots to buy, as we were leaving John came back so Andrew got to meet him, and he showed us around his kiln room.
Lizzy had also shown John my leaflet I had left for him.
He loved it and asked me if I could let him have some to put in his showroom, naturally I had some in the truck so I gave him a hand full.
Neither of us had our cameras on us, so the only picture I have to offer is this one of the basket of logs I have just got in for the fire.
Thanks Andrew,it was great to see you again and I enjoyed the afternoon.

1 comment:

Hannah said...

my log basket looks similar but is emptying fast tonight.

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