Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Afternoon Play on Radio 4

Strange day today, I had loads of stuff to deal with today, which included a trip in to Taunton for a 9.20 appointment, it's only 15 miles but it took me over an hour to get there, 5 Min's late,
Then the Condescending Cow only agreed to see me because she had booked me a longer appointment time than was needed.
To make the most of driving into Taunton I decided to buy some more 18mm exterior grade plywood to make 24 more ware boards, a 6ft by 2ft cut board is £22.00 and I can make
8 ware boards per sheet with no waste. £2.75 per board
I noticed you can buy a Brazilian Plywood sheet 8ft x 4ft for £25.50, I stood and did the sums in my head I reckon I could get 16 boards from this size sheet making them £1.60 per board.
But this was cheap rubbish and I decided to stick with what I know.
If this cheap stuff warps when it gets wet I would have wasted my Money. In the afternoon I was back in the safety of my workshop, and at 2.15pm the afternoon play came on. it was made from interviews with patients and their families in Cancer wards and they were talking about their experiences.
I hope someone plays this to the people in charge of the NHS.
As in all areas of Life and Death there are good people and bad, Luckily when I sat with my Brother 18 months ago as he died from Lung Cancer I was surrounded by the good people.
What's the relevance of the Robin ?
For some odd reason when I was a young lad making pots at home I always had a robin sat on the wall outside my studio watching me, and since my Dad died some 15 years ago now when I see a Robin I always say Hello Dad.
This chap lives in our back garden so I get to see him every day.
OK I've got that off my chest I can go and make some Mugs today Now.


Hannah said...

I spent half that play in tears yesterday. It was heartbreaking hearing their stoies but somehow there were uplifting parts too.

RedHotPottery said...

Your Robins are different in the UK!!!

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