Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Electric Kiln & 40 Small Mugs

I feel like I have been a busy Bee today,
The Electrician came today to have a look at the Kiln
They are going to wire it up for me tomorrow morning.
I've had this kiln for about 8 years now, but didn't have enough power at the house to run it hence the reason I built the Gas Kiln.
I slipped this Bread bin
And then I got down to making 40 of these small mugs
I suppose they are coffee cups really, but I've never made these small ones before.
I used 10 oz of clay for them.
At Least today's play was easier to listen to while working.


Doug Fitch said...

Nice one PJ, those mugs look brilliant, great skills

Hannah said...

Todays play ws fun, crazy woman! You wouldn't want to meet her would you.
Am envious of your throwing skills.

Hollis Engley said...

Those mugs remind me of what I've been told of the work of Eddie Hopkins at Winchcombe. Mugs by the dozens.

Hannah said...


have a look at this. keep scrolling down till you see a little jug with some slip on it, a Simon WIlcox I think has posted it. Is it yours?

ang said...

nice little kiln paul, you'll be cranking it out with that one! does it have a controller?
you could get your sparkie to put a timer in the line if it doesn't, that's how we fire electric at the club, timer on at 4am then it's finshed in the daylight....so good..

paul jessop said...

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the comments, Hannah I wouldn't want to meet her your right, but I believe the play is set up in your part of the world.
I can't find the link for that pot can you check the info for me as I am interested to see it.
Hi Ang, the kiln has a Bentrup T60 controller that I can set four firing programes into. turn it on and walk away. so I can set it to most of the firing after midnight on cheap rate electricity.

paul jessop said...

Don't worry Hannah I found the jug you were on about, no it's not one of mine but it is a beauty.

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