Friday, 30 January 2009

Half a Teapot and a Shelf full of pots.

I made this teapot body the other day but it was not the shape I was looking for it was made from 2.5lbs of clay and was supposed to be a Cardew shape Teapot for 6 cup

I felt the shape was wrong so when it was leather hard I cut it in Half to see how even the wall was. Bummer pretty darn perfect !

Oh well at least the others should be this good.

I Loaded my first Bisc firing into the Electric Kiln this afternoon, but I took this very short video of the shelves before I loaded up.


I programmed in the firing cycle turned it on and walked away.
What a strange feeling that is after 18 months of Gas firing.

1 comment:

ang said...

thats a nice stash of work paul...happy firing..

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