Monday, 12 January 2009

I'm Sort of In.

Well I picked up the keys for the new workshop this morning
But I was told that the men will be coming on Wednesday to clear away
all of the stuff that is still in the workshop.
Very Exciting to get the keys
but it just took the edge off the excitement when I saw all the stuff still there.
I managed to do a few things by moving stuff around.
First I cleaned the windows so that you can see out of them
Then I painted one of the walls

Then I took the door frame out because it was too narrow to get my wheels into the second room.
I also took down part of the stud wall.
I had an appointment in Taunton this afternoon so that's all I got done today.


Hannah said...

hey hey very exciting stuff. I had to take the whole door off its hinges to get my wheel into the workshop! Oops.

Hollis Engley said...

Very exciting, Paul. It will be fun to fill up all that room. And I, too, had to remove a doorframe. But this was to get my gas kiln into the studio. That was about seven years ago. I should put that doorframe back some day ...

doug fitch said...

Congratulations Paul, exciting times ahead, well done

ang said...

wow, looking good, busy week ahead getting all setup

Anonymous said...

I just saw a mug of yours over at Ron Philbeck's place.

it is just right-
glad to know you're out there.


Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

Congratulations old chap! Looks like a fantastic space. Can't wait to see it all set up. xx

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