Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Slow Progress.....

First things First today, I put a small shelf up that will hold My Digital Radio
this is above the night storage heater which is going to be next to My wheel
so the warmest place in the workshop is going to be sat on the wheel.
As you can see the place is still full of stuff that should be cleared away tomorrow
there's just as much behind me in this picture.
I managed to move stuff away from this wall and paint it this morning
then after lunch I took my shelving units down and fitted them in the space
they fitted a treat the units are 7ft tall.
I'm trying to make the most of having a 9ft high ceiling.
Each unit has 10 shelves, the shelves will hold 5 ware boards each at 3ft x 6"
so I have the potential to hold 150 ware boards.
Hopefully the guys will turn up tomorrow to take all the stuff away so I can really get to work on making it look like a Pottery Workshop.


Hollis Engley said...

The shelf units look great, Paul. I'm eager to see them with the wareboards on ... and then pots on the wareboards ... And I'm sure you are, too.
And the eggcups arrived today. Lovely little pots. Thank you.

Brad Lail said...

I am glad you found my little blog. Keep beavering away!! haha. What conotation does the word Beaver have anyway?

Ron said...

Love those shelves.
Don't be corrupting Brad, he's still young.

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