Tuesday, 3 February 2009

First Glaze Firing in the New Workshop

The First firing has turned out better than I could have hoped for
all these green slip pots are new apart from the Teapot.
This is a new small mug
These small bowls came out great.
I have tried to get a close up to show just how rich the glaze has come out.
A nice big belly jug
and another
and this one I decided to sit outside in the snow.
I am very happy with the results, it has spurred me on, I've go so much going on at the moment and this is a real boost to the system.


Jerry said...

Great results! I'm quite fond of the first big belly jug. Nice rich colors on that one.

Hollis Engley said...

Looks like a success, paul. congratulations.

Ron said...


ang said...

nice rim detail to the last jug paul, what an excellent result...

Doug Fitch said...

Congratulations PJ, those fat jugs are fabulous

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