Sunday, 5 April 2009

John Leach Open Day - Visit

Marion and Me Popped down to the John Leach Pottery on Saturday morning at the start of his Kiln Opening day.
John has this type of open day off to a fine art and it's a real inspiration for potters and young children alike.
John does a number of throwing demonstrations throughout the day.

If you look up at the ceiling in this shot you might spot a green slipware jug hanging from the beam above John's wheel.
Yes indeed it's one of mine.
Can you imagine how proud I felt when I saw that there.
This was a view I just had to take a picture of.
This is his three chambered wood firing Kiln.

The first chamber door opened.
and the 3rd chamber door opened
Pots fresh from the Kiln.
and a view of Johns wood stack from inside the Gallery.
We couldn't stay long as I had to open my own workshop for the day
and I had my best day of sales so far.


Peter said...

Paul, you are a good fellow, those are terrific photos of your visit to the J L open day, and hearty congratulations to you as well for the place that your green slipware jug has ended up. Wonderful. MMMmmm those pots fresh from the kiln! Best Regards, P.

ang said...

super pics and your lovely jug what a treat...congrats on a great day for your studio too..

Anonymous said...

congrats on the sales... i would absolutely love to be able to go on the opening day thing.

Ron said...

I love John's pots, some of my favorites of all time.
Glad you had a great day of sales too.

Hollis Engley said...

Thanks for giving us the JL travelog, Paul. We've seen the kiln and shop, but never seen the kiln filled with new pots. Very cool.

Amy said...

Wow... i'm a bit jealous that you got to go. Great pics and post. Thanks for sharing all this. Congrats on your sales!

ladyofclay said...

thanks for the pics !! I went to a workshop by JL in 1996 when he was doing a tour through Canada and truely enjoyed the man and his work.... he brought some of his work for purchase and I have a small saddle jug and a yunomi which I treasure. I hope to get over to England some day and when I do I'll visit you both !
Best wishes for many more terrific sales days to you.

Christine--RHP said...

After what I've just been pondering after my incident at NCECA, I thought I need to hop over here and get a dose of Paul and his wonderful studio and the great stuff he does. Seeing a post about John Leach couldn't be more perfect.
Lucky you!

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